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IBM and Microsoft Rushing to Establish Blockchain-As-A-Service (BAAS)


IBM and Microsoft Rushing to Establish Blockchain-As-A-Service (BAAS)

The Battle of the big companies to lead blockchain services is very competing.  The contest between IBM and Microsoft Azure in dominating the blockchain services for broader function in financial aid trading or market the bitcoin as a digital currency facilitator as well as the IoT (Internet of Things).

IBM announced that it wants to help constitute a modern class of distributed ledger applications.  To achieve this, IBM will allow the developers to operate the new IBM blockchain services available on Bluemix to build  and run blockchain apps where they can avail DevOps tools on the IBM cloud or Z System computer.  Blockchain apps will now capable to approach current transactions to support new payment, settlements, supply chain, and business processes.

The usage on the IoT to blockchain technology through its Watson IoT platform, is IBM’s plan.  Under the project, the development of an IoT-connected package through numerous circulation points could be supervised and modernized on the blockchain system to precisely give a greater and proper record of events in the supply chain, also Information from RFID-based locations, barcode-scans, or device-reported data could be supervised through IBM’s version of blockchain with devices connected with the ledger to update and approve smart contracts.

Japan Exchange Group and IBM settled to analyze blockchain technology future in the use for trading in low transaction markets.  The combination of IBM and JPX evaluation work will comply to use the code composed by that effort.

During the interval Microsoft will start its own (BAAS) April 2016 in its Azure service portfolio, a licensed version of the online ledger.   Microsoft also attracting service provider associates to the use of blockchain technology in the cloud.

Expanse is partnered with the Azure program.  It’s development has many mores projects to be released in the near future assisting with blockchain and smart contracts.


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