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Blockchain Powered Cloud Computer Expanse and the Road Ahead



Blockchain Powered Cloud Computer Expanse and the Road Ahead

Today, the Expanse development team released their bi-weekly newsletter. It highlights their accomplishments over the last two weeks. The first thing the newsletter highlights is how the team completed the Expanse plugin for ILP (Inter Ledger Project).

“The Expanse team has been quite busy working on many different things to really make the project take off. For starters, Christopher Franko has completed ILP implementation with Ripple, so we are one of the first Cryptocurrencies using this exciting new method of connecting a vast array of ledgers and networks. This is huge news over time, as the Inter Ledger Protocol of Ripple grows, Expanse gains massive connections around the world.”

Then the newsletter goes on to give a preview of their development roadmap. The team hired 4 new people seemingly to expand the awareness of the Expanse and Borderless brands. They hired two brand awareness directors, one business connection for romania and a Creative director.

Stating that the EXP:DAO will be a modular entity whose modules could be easily integrated into other developers projects. The four pieces talked about are..

  1. Identity Management
  2. Voting
  3. Proposals
  4. Gamification

The team expects to have all four Proof of Concepts completed by Q1 2017 and their standalone module MVP’s completed by Q2.

When asked about the progress of the Expanse project Christopher Franko says,

“We are doing exciting things, and solving problems that no one can google the answer too, im humbled to be apart of such a unified group of people who want to make a positive impact on the world.”

The Expanse French ambassador Timothée Gimbert,  had this to say.

“Meetups in Bordeaux (FRANCE) have been interesting and very constructive. It’s a circle of thought where several different people share their views on crypto projects and blockchain technologies and also explain what this technology is all about to new crypto enthusiasts.

I have been attending most of these bi-monthly Meetup sessions for the past 8 months, organized by Adli Bataille, president of the blockchain-oriented association “Le Cercle du Coin” based in Paris, and also a founder of the webzine “” where articles about Expanse and Borderless are periodically published along with EXP/BTC trend analysis articles.

A variety of people attended, such as the CEO of a development company, a global finance trader, the co-founder of an expertise company, along with blockchain enthusiasts and young developers. Attendants have been enjoying a round of beers offered by Expanse during the last session, but even without that they are always curious about Expanse and Borderless, and we are glad to share ideas and get feedback from this great social circle of blockchain pioneers.“


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