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Anthony Di Iorio Quits Canada’s TSX to Concentrate on Blockchain-Based Applications


Anthony Di Iorio Quits Canada’s TSX to Concentrate on Blockchain-Based Applications

Founder of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada and a co-founder of Ethereum, a blockchain-based computing platform.  Anthony Di Iorio was hired by Canada’s largest stock exchange, left the organization to focus on, a universal wallet, Jaxx for holding virtual currencies and coins that expedite transactions in blockchain-based applications.  Di Iorio’s hire at TSX came as stock exchanges were adopting blockchain, which allows Bitcoin users to conduct secure transactions without central authority, as they seek to transform and improve income limits. When used to release protections, the technology could potentially abolish the need for clearing buildings.  TSX said it no longer has someone using that title, and that John Lee, a vice president of innovation and enterprise delivery, is now leading development of our capability in emerging technologies, and exploring the potential of new areas such as blockchain.

Blockchain’s distributed-ledger system allows consumers to conduct safety transactions with each other without the need for intermediary or central oversight. While long associated with virtual currencies such as bitcoin, blockchain can also be used for running applications with a wide range of functions.  Consumers generally need independent wallet programs to hold different virtual currencies and tokens for applications built on blockchain. Jaxx, launched in February, seeks to eradicate that need.  The Australian stock exchange said it had enlisted a blockchain startup to develop a new trade settlement system.  Nasdaq in the United States used the technology last year to release protections to a mysterious private shareholder.


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