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American Healthcare Insurance Company Uses Blockchain for Medical Record-Keeping


American Healthcare Insurance Company Uses Blockchain for Medical Record-Keeping

It was recently reported by Forbes that the second-largest healthcare company in the U.S, Anthem has resorted to blockchain technology for the security of their medical records. This decision was driven by altruism to make medical data easily accessible to their clients. Commenting on the decision, Anthem CEO stated:

“What blockchain potentially gives us the opportunity to do is not worry about those trust issues. We have an opportunity to share data that people can make their own decisions on.” 

 The idea has not yet gained momentum, as it is still in the pilot phase. However, Anthem seems pretty confident about its implementation and success of tailoring itself with the blockchain technology. 

The Beneficial Aspects of Employing Blockchain Technology in Anthem

 The very idea of the employment of blockchain technology in Anthem would benefit all the forty million members the company has. All of them would be able to access medical data without hassles. This would blur complications and the clients will have more confidence in the health insurance company. 

Anthem Pairs with Aetna 

Anthem has paired up with insurance giants namely, Aetna, PNC and IBM, as per a report by Reuters. The pairing is intricate to the establishment of the blockchain network and it’s functioning. An executive from PNC opines that such a decision of tailoring the health insurance sector with the blockchain opens avenues of possibilities for blockchain to spread its roots. To keep it confined to the financial sectors only is to limit its potentials. He also opines that the introduction of blockchain technology in health insurance sectors would diminish friction, duplication or other kinds of illicitness, effectively strengthening the company’s relations with the clients.

Anthem follows in the footsteps of Afghanistan with this decision which recently signed a MoA for the integration of blockchain into its healthcare sector. Anthem’s blockchain-based system will be released around 2020.

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