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Bank of America Wants a Dedicated Ripple Specialist


Bank of America Wants a Dedicated Ripple Specialist

Seems like, the Bank of America is looking for an incumbent with entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent understanding of technology within the business context. To lead the product management team for its Ripple Project.

“Manage the Ripple product and develop capabilities for further growth.”

According to the recent job description on LinkedIn, as of Oct. 10, Bank of America (BOA) had posted a job opening i.e. “treasury product manager” for Ripple, for which it is no more accepting the applications, which indicates it has already filled the post.

This role is responsible for leading the product management team for the Ripple Project, which is a decentralized ledger technology based solution to cross border payments marketed to GTS clients.

The position holder will be responsible for driving product strategy and growth, overseeing daily product management routines, and the development of new initiatives that result in an innovative and highly-competitive product offering.  

The move implies that BoA is sort of joining other banks that are somehow watching Ripple closely in some form. It was also reported that the bank has also filed a patent related to the technology in July. 

Is BoA preparing for the crypto revolution?

The Bank of America has been quite hesitant to cryptocurrency; it even banned accounts of people completing transactions in previous years. But, it seems like they’ve finally decided to give crypto a chance in 2019.  It was also mentioned in the description that the treasury product manager must have experience in the payments sector, but cryptocurrency knowledge is not a compulsory requirement.

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