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BitTorrent and Tron Announce the Launch of Bittorrent Speed


BitTorrent and Tron Announce the Launch of Bittorrent Speed

BitTorrent recently announced the launch of BitTorrent Speed, a one of a kind digital exchange medium. Justin Sun, CEO of Tron announced the reveal in a tweet published recently.

According to the official release, the newly launched software would be mended with every download of uTorrent’s Windows client base.

A Brief Breakdown of Bittorrent Speed

As per the official website, BitTorrent Speed would enable users to get BitTorrent tokens in exchange for sharing files on the platform. You would earn more tokens for a larger number of shared files and vice versa. Users can now easily earn tokens by simply sharing files online.

Registered users would need to spend their BitTorrent tokens on the server in order to acquire faster and more efficient speed for downloading the required files. Users can also make use of the dashboard to track and manage their earned tokens.

All of this can be achieved just through the click of a button enabling hassle-free transactions anywhere. An electronic encrypted wallet has also been launched for users to deal with their earned tokens.

The platform as of now is exclusive only to Windows operating systems with further plans to extend their services to other operating systems in the near future.

Tron’s Visionary Future

Tron has been working for quite some time to bring the two networks on a common platform. The sole purpose of this new platform is to enable a decentralized content sharing platform. It also aims to do away with the middleman system between users and developers wherein one has to divide the entire profit to businesses like YouTube and Facebook. BitTorrent Speed is based on IPFS protocol which stands for InterPlanetary FileSystem. IPFS being an open-source file system enables merging of blockchain and BitTorrent in an efficient format while enabling the building up of a decentralized hard drive.

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