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Blockchain Emerges Among the Highest Paying Industries in Canada


Blockchain Emerges Among the Highest Paying Industries in Canada

A recent report released by Canada’s Digital Chamber of Commerce revealed that blockchain lists among the highest paying industries in the country. 

Challenges Ahead

The Digital Chamber of Commerce’s report highlighted the country’s blockchain industry, focusing on how it was faring up till now, the plus and minus points of the technology and legal issues related to it in Canada.

The report was based on data collected from 150 participants belonging to the blockchain and cryptocurrency-related industries in Canada. Among those who participated were also members of the Canadian government and academics. 

Conducted by the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) together with consultation services firm Accenture, the report provides insight into Canada’s blockchain industry and highlights the importance of government intervention in order to push the technology forward. 

BRI’s chairman Don Tapscott stated the blockchain industry has yet to face many challenges: 

“While the research showed that the blockchain industry is diverse and growing in Canada, it also surfaced challenges regarding access to funding and business services, and uncertain regulatory environments.”   

To draw a summary of the report, it must be said that though Canada is moving forward and already way ahead in the blockchain sphere, the ecosystem is bound to have challenges ahead. 

Blockchain-Related Professions Draw Highest Pay Check

However, all is not struggle and challenges alone. The report states that the annual average salary in the Canadian blockchain industry is $98,000. This figure makes the jobs related to blockchain the highest paying ones in the country.  The number of individuals who aspire for blockchain-based careers has also risen high, as according to a recently published report, a Canadian University is offering blockchain training to post-graduate students. Meanwhile, the process of job creation is also on the rise with happenings like a Canadian town allowing citizens to pay taxes in BTC becoming a reality. 

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