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Coinbase to Expand Cryptocurrency Industry in the Next Five Years


Coinbase to Expand Cryptocurrency Industry in the Next Five Years

In the growing age of digital expansion and evolution, CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong released a statement about the company’s long term goals and objectives in the latest “Ask Me Anything” session. The company would be focusing more on digital adoption straying away from its trading services in the coming five years. With this objective, Armstrong wants Coinbase to bring about the unification of different people in the digital industry.

Coinbase’s Future Expansion Plans

Brian Armstrong, while divulging his future perspectives about the company, said that he envisions Coinbase not only as a trading platform but also as an inhibitor towards globalization of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He laid stress on Coinbase’s objectives of expanding the crypto community by unifying traders and aiding market users in exploring cryptocurrency apart from its use as a trading tool.

When asked what does the company plan to achieve in the coming five years he responded by laying focus on the ongoing projects released by the company. Coinbase recently came about with Coinbase Earn, a cryptocurrency-focused educational incentive to aid in this regard. There have also been developments to enable cryptocurrency margin trading and lending on Coinbase.

Armstrong also came out in support of former employees who parted ways with the company to form their own crypto enterprises and businesses.

The CEO of Coinbase encouraged the 10 people who quit their former company to launch successful digital projects. He lauded the former employees and laid emphasis on spreading the acquired knowledge and experience from being a Coinbase employee to help normalize digitization and crypto adoption. Armstrong hopes that in the next 5 years the company would be witnessing about at least half a billion people using Coinbase as a digital platform.

A recent tweet by President Donald Trump proved to be a winner for the crypto community. Armstrong responded stressing on the fact that the digital industry will indeed prove to be a forerunner in the coming years.

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