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Craig Wright Sues Again. This Time its CEO Roger Ver


Craig Wright Sues Again. This Time its CEO Roger Ver

Computer scientist and Bitcoin advocate, Craig Wright, never seems to resist the urge to get into a tussle with the who’s who of the crypto community. He is in the news yet again for filing a defamation lawsuit against the CEO of, Roger Ver, in London. The report surfaced on 2 May via Decrypt.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of a YouTube video that came up a few days ago that showed Ver calling Wright a fraud for falsely claiming to be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, a claim widely disregarded by the cryptosphere.

Wright on a Lawsuit Spree?

Wright is infamous for issuing similar warnings to many eminent personalities of the cryptocurrency world, who refuse to believe his claims that he is the real identity behind the mysterious, Satoshi, including the one issued to Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

A month ago, Wright also served a similar slander suit to crypto podcaster Peter McCormack, for calling him an impostor.

Coming back to the matter at hand, Wright thinks that the contentions will affect Bitcoin SV. However, Roger Ver does not favor the exchanges delisting bitcoin SV as a sign of disapproval against Wright’s acrimonious attitude.

Commenting further on the topic, Ver noted that he believes that targeting Bitcoin SV isn’t a fair thing to do and if people want to trade in it, they should be the ones to decide. He further made a powerful statement saying, “Free the market, free the world. If you want to trade bitcoin SV, go for it.”

As of now, Wright seems to be on a lawsuit spree since his claims have been considered to be a possible hoax widely and despite regular attempts on his part, the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto remains a crypto mystery.

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