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Crypto Against Corona: The Community Comes Forward in Help


Crypto Against Corona: The Community Comes Forward in Help

China, the world’s second-largest economy is facing a dire outbreak of coronavirus. Recent reports state that the death toll in china has risen to 638 and the coronavirus continues to be a threat to the residents as 31,532 cases have been reported. Several communities including the blockchain community are exercising their goodwill to help the people of China in the battle against coronavirus. A blockchain start-up based in china, FUZAMEI has promised 100,000 Chinese yuan, which will be facilitated through their ‘33 Charity’ blockchain tracking platform, to be in solidarity with the people of China in their fight against the outbreak of coronavirus.

Other Crypto Initiatives

Even though the government has isolated Wuhan, the city of origin for the coronavirus, in order to bring the invasiveness of the virus under control, Wuhan is facing unfortunate conditions because of the shortage of food and medical facilities. As a result, FUZAMEI intends to use 60,000 Chinese yuan of the total sum of money on medical supplies and the rest of the sum to take care of food and water supply and other problems faced by families in Wuhan.

Phemex, a cryptocurrency exchange, has supplied 10K high-grade masks in the city of Wuhan. Phemex recently tweeted praising @piptitious, another user of twitter who has helped them get the masks from Japan to Wuhan.

A blockchain-enabled application named Hashlog has been designed by Acoer with the intention to track the spread of corona at a daily rate; the cases reported on a daily basis, the number of cases dealt with and the number of cases filtered by the country. This will help citizens to get themselves updated with the outbreak and employ measures accordingly. Along with these contributions, many other blockchain companies like Binance have come forward to help. Binance has pledged to donate 10 million Chinese yuan. Another blockchain service firm named Krypital has also held out their hands for help and they are striving to look after the medical facilities for the affected victims.

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