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Cryptsy gets a facelift but will it be enough?


Cryptsy gets a facelift but will it be enough?

These past few days for Cryptsy have been a little crazy due to the fud flames started by Coinfire. Amidst all the turmoil the cryptocurrency exchange has been rolling out the much awaited cryptsy 2.0 UI changes. One after another UI/UX upgrades have been appearing for users.

I really like all the new changes. The UI/UX updates are nice, autobuy is something I’ve been asking about for two years and the new fee structure is also another feature ive suggested a couple times due to my experience trading on some of the chinese exchanges. The question remains though, will it be enough? All these upgrades are great but are they a day late and a dollar short? Cryptsy at one time was “too big to fail” but is it still that way? I hope so. Cryptsy is one of the only exchanges I trust because they have never been hacked, they have been completely transparent since their inception and their delisting policy (or lack there of)  doesn’t promote fake trades. However liquidity is steadily drying up.

One feature id love to see at crypty is margin trading. Margin trading and the 2.0 coins like BTS and ETH really helped propel Poloniex to higher volume, but even then so, if you take those two coins away from polo then polo isn’t any better off either.

The altcoin exchanges are collectively taking one hell of a beating right now. Is it just the general state of crypto, are the exchanges siphoning off btc and not putting any back in or is there something more serious that the cryptsy customers just arnt happy about? I dont know but somethings got to give. With that being said, I still think Cryptsy is just getting started. These upgrades are a step in the right direction, there are more changes to come and just maybe the general altcoin downtrend will turn around. Until then ill continue to use Cryptsy and support it as one of the most trust worthy places to trade and store my coins.

How do you feel about Cryptsy? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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