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Cryptsy seeking legal action against Mike Johnson


Cryptsy seeking legal action against Mike Johnson

A few days ago Mike Johnson (Eric Dykstra?) from Coinfire, wrote another less than favorable article about the cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy.  Mike Johnson claims federal agencies are “investigating” the exchange for numerous illegal operations, ranging from illegal trades, to money laundering to the laughable funding terrorism.

“Documents from various investigations obtained by Coin Fire show a litany of purported wrongdoing by the company and several team members. The large number of allegations levied against the company varies from agency to agency in more than 300 pages of documents. In some instances, the investigation alleges that the company failed to obtain appropriate licenses. In one particular instance, a connection is made between a Cryptsy team member and GAW Miners’ fraudulent operations. Other government agencies report a failure to report gains appropriately, market manipulation, the sale of unlicensed securities, money laundering, and more.”

Cryptsy responded to Mike Johnson saying its all FUD and they will be seeking legal action against Coinfire.

“We have never been investigated for anything, period.  We have never gotten any letters from any of the agencies that they have stated in their article, nor have we been contacted via phone or any other method.  It’s safe to say that this article and their reporting are completely false.   My guess is that whomever wrote this article has personal reasons for writing it and are attempting to hurt our business and reputation.We will be reviewing our legal options against this libelous article.

Who is Mike Johnson though? Can he really be trusted? Mike Johnson was labeled by WIRED as a little less than credible in the past. On top of that he doesnt seem to exist anywhere else on the internet, the Executive Editor of Coinfire, doesnt seem to have any other journalism experience and no references to vouch for him. The icing on the questionable cake is the lack of sources.

We at To The Moon will be following this developing story closely and will diligently report on any new developments. Quick question though, how do we ever expect to get to the moon when everyone is constantly trying to take away everyone else’s rocket fuel?


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