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Et Tu, Brute? Israeli Man Steals $9 Million Worth of Dash from Roommate


Et Tu, Brute? Israeli Man Steals $9 Million Worth of Dash from Roommate

Afek Zard, an Israeli youth, has been accused of stealing close to 75,000 Dash worth over $9 million from his friend Alexei Yaromenko. He stole it from his apartment in Eilat. The case against Afek Zard was filed on Thursday in the Be’er Sheva District Court, reports local media News1.

1 Percent of Total Market Dash Stolen

The total amount of Dash stolen is nearly 1 percent of the total Dash coins in circulation, according to data on CoinMarketCap. Alexei Yaromenko, the victim of the theft, was an early cryptocurrency investor who accumulated a lot of cryptocurrency assets since 2013, states News1.

Victim Taught the Accused the Trade of Cryptocurrency

News1 reported that the victim Alexei Yaromenko taught the accused Afek Zard himself the trade of cryptocurrency before the theft allegedly took place. Afek Zard was in possession of the key to Alexei Yaromenko’s apartment which he reportedly used during the time of the robbery, as per the indictment document filed by Giora Hazan.

Credentials Stolen from the Victim’s Computer

It is reported that the coins were in the wallet of Alexei Yaromenko the alleged victim. At the time of the theft, a single Dash coin was worth $82.5. The defendant used the alleged victim’s computer to steal the credentials he needed to transfer the Dash coins.

Stolen Crypto Transferred into Four Different Wallets

After stealing the digital assets, Afek Zard allegedly transferred the contents of Alexei Yaromenko’s wallet, either alone or with the help of others, over to his four different wallets supposedly to make it harder to trace. The report says that Afek Zard, the accused is charged with money laundering, theft in aggravated circumstances and penetration of a computer to commit an offense.

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