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Expanse releases the GUI wallet developer preview. You wont believe how beautiful it is.


Expanse releases the GUI wallet developer preview. You wont believe how beautiful it is.

Yesterday, 10/23/2015, Dan Conway, Christopher Franko and James Clayton released their very own custom coded, graphical user interface for the Expanse platform.

The custom wallet features spectacular graphics, animations, and professional audio. As you would expect from a GUI wallet, current features include managing accounts, sending and viewing transactions, and more. Stylish audio alerts also aid users by letting them know what the wallet is doing. This provides an enjoyable personal touch, making Expanse unique in the world of silent wallets.


The teams lead designer Dan Conway said “This developer preview’s intention is to show the community that we are trying to make Expanse more accessible to the less than tech savvy people in a way that is not only functionally easy to operate but visually appealing as well as entertaining with an interesting soundscape.”

The projects lead developer Christopher Franko added “It is a work of art and the sounds are like the icing on the cake. It shows that we have a fine eye for detail and want to deliver the most enjoyable user experience possible.”

Well we here at are certainly impressed with this GUI wallet. Even our technically challenged staff could use the wallet with out any issues whatsoever. We are eager to see what else Expanse delivers on next.

Community Manager, James Clayton said “if you think the wallet is awesome (because it is), the whitepaper for the 3 division DAO system will simply blow your mind. Our DAO is going to change the way the world defines self governance. It’s the first step in raising the bar for every organizational construct known to man.”

Those are pretty big shoes to fill and we have faith that if there is a team to pull it off, its these people. The wallet is beautiful.

Download Links

Current Version: Development Preview Release EXPWallet Beta 0.1r3

Windows –


Linux and source will be released soon.

Wallet Troubleshooting and FAQ:
If the expwallet application opens, the Console tab can be useful for diagnosing issues. Error messages and debugging information should be displayed there when there is connection issues and console output displayed normally. If the application does not open, please state the error displayed.

expwallet is bundled with a copy of gexp. On the windows version, it is included in the zip and is required to be in the same directory as expwallet. On the macintosh version, gexp is bundled inside the application bundle. If you are already running an instance of gexp on the system, expwallet will detect it and attach to it. Note: a copy of gexp must still be placed in the same directory as expwallet, even if attaching to an instance is running from another location.

Known Bugs/Issues:
File Menu & Mac Application Menu’s for wallet do not properly function. Will be resolved in the next release, please close the application via the ‘X” icon in the right hand corner.

Coming Soon/In Development:
Address Book
Toolbar Showing Connection & Sync/Block Status
Improved Account Management
Dynamic Display Customization
Sound Theme Packs

Social Media:

Slack –
Twitter –
facebook –

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