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Government of Malaysia Uses Blockchain to Tackle Fraudulent Education Degrees


Government of Malaysia Uses Blockchain to Tackle Fraudulent Education Degrees

In its bid to fight fraudulent education degrees, Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has announced E-Skrol, a web-based application on the NEM blockchain network to tackle the problem of education certificate fraud. The announcement was made public by Bernama, the country’s local news agency. 

E-SKROL: a Breakdown 

The Ministry of Education revealed to the public that E-Skrol, a national blockchain application, would be now formally made available for private and public universities all over the country.

The web-based E-Skrol application centers on controlling the rising issue of fraudulent university degrees prevalent in Malaysia. These fraudulent certificates can be easily obtained on the internet from “diploma mills”. 

Dr. Maszlee Malik, the nation’s Education Minister revealed that the rising concern of fraudulent degrees has diminished the quality of higher education in the country. He also stated that the insurgent need for standing out and improving their personal profile has led to an increase in the use of fake degrees from authentic Malaysian public universities. 

Through the blockchain application, you can easily verify the authenticity of any graduate student of a Malaysian university including their name, academic transcript, date of graduation and the class of their respective degree just by scanning the QR code printed on the official certificate. 

Malaysia to Focus on Blockchain Professionals 

Malaysia has been facilitating a friendly approach to blockchain and digital currency. In June, it was reported that the government of Malaysia launched a visa program targeted to attract talents in the blockchain industry from across the globe. The program with its work visa permit aims to bring in foreign blockchain analysts who would have the legal right to stay in the country for over a year in exchange for blockchain-related services. They could also opt to undergo professional training at a Malaysian company. 

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