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How Can Blockchain Combat Plagiarism


How Can Blockchain Combat Plagiarism

As early as 2018, the Chinese Internet Court in the eastern city of Hangzhou decided to use blockchain to protect online writers from plagiarism. Wang Jiangqiao, who is a judge at the court, explained that since the blockchain is decentralized in nature, it maintains data integrity.

At the same time, the ledger keeps all the records and digital footprints. Thus, when original content is written, its authorship, the time of its creation, the body, and any proof of infringement can be recorded on the blockchain. Since it is almost impossible to fiddle with the technology, the records on it would have legal meaning and they would be acceptable in a court of law.

Almost a year earlier, in November 2017, Brando Benifei, a member of the European Parliament, wrote that the problem of copyright infringement can be solved by blockchain. He also predicted that in the coming years, this technology would ‘become the base for a more transparent, democratic, and upgraded version of the internet’.

Both the above-mentioned cases reveal a deep trust in blockchain’s ability to solve plagiarism related problems. But how far is this confidence in the technology justified? Let us take a look.

Why Is Blockchain So Effective in Checking Plagiarism? 

A Tamper-Proof Record of a Creator’s Work

Blockchain’s ability to store vast amounts of data without compromising security is known to all. Therefore, it eliminates two problems at once— that of a content creator losing his work and that of handling it in an efficient manner. A blockchain-based platform can not only keep a neat record but also prevent work from getting lost. All without any chances of compromise. But any note-taking or storage platform can do the same, right? Wrong.

Timestamp to Prevent Ripping

Any normal platform would be largely incapable of identifying plagiarism as soon as it has been done. Because of this, a lot of content on the internet gets stolen. And there is no stopping it. When a document is time-stamped on a blockchain, it is possible to identify when it was created and ultimately, who created it. This would largely mitigate plagiarism as it would be pretty easy to find out if someone has stolen a piece of work or not.

Regulatory Efficiency

Plagiarism cases often create great scandals and some of them have even gone into the pages of history because of the complexities that have arisen because no regulatory mechanism is efficient enough to deal with content theft. This results in lawsuits and mud-slinging which costs every party involved time and money. With the example set by China, it is proven that such scenes can be avoided with just a smart implementation of blockchain technology.

Startups which are Leading the Way


CERTO is an application based on blockchain technology which is designed to ‘verify the existence of any document with a certain date, in order to prove the authenticity of a product, brand, digital texts and literature, videos and pictures, art, illustrations, comic books, software, and more’. Furthermore, the platform offers a certificate to ascertain the authenticity of a document by storing the document on a blockchain. This would protect it from plagiarism, forgeries, copyright infringement, and illegal distribution.


Yuanben calls itself the first company in China to use blockchain technology for copyright protection. It also offers other blockchain-based services like the solution for global maritime freight for ensuring the safety of sea-going cargo transportation.

Expanse: A Step Towards Fostering Academic and Creative Honesty

There are but a few instances in which the potential of blockchain technology to combat copyright infringement and plagiarism has been fully utilized. And yet, this poses no small problem for writers and content creators around the globe. Therefore, innovative minds are required to lead the solution for the world to be content-theft free. For this, Expanse provides the most suitable platform. Based on Ethereum, it shall give you high scalability and efficiency to create a novel and necessary solution for online content.

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