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Is Blockchain Beating Cupid In the Game of Love?


Is Blockchain Beating Cupid In the Game of Love?

The world that we live in is very fast, so fast that it has become difficult for people to find soulmates and fall in love. To tackle this, the internet has come up with the solution of online dating, where people can find love on the screens of their devices.

Presently, a number of platforms like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel are allowing thousands of couples to attract each other. Some platforms are also exclusively made for the members of the LGBTQ community. In many ways, such platforms are a blessing for those whom the mad rat race has rendered alone.

However, despite generating large revenue, the online dating industry is not free of problems. The question we discuss today revolves around them— can blockchain resolve these and beat Cupid in the game of love?

Problem Number 1: Transparency

Perhaps the greatest issue that technology faces today is that of a lack of trust. Since the present model of online dating is creating profiles— writing a bio and putting up a display picture— more often than not, people are not honest about who they are in real life. Sometimes, dishonesty becomes a shade grimmer, giving all forms of online dating an air of less credibility.

While in real life, it is very difficult for a person to lie about his identity, it is done easily on online platforms. As a result, despite the efforts of dating platforms, the problem continues to exist.

Enter Blockchain—

The very structure of blockchain technology is that of transparency. This is why blockchain seems to be such an attractive solution to the trust issues related to the dating platforms. Moreover, the users, on an app built on this model can share information that shall remain anonymous but which would be ready for verification at any given time. Further, companies could offer incentives for people who help establish a trusted process by going through a verification.

Companies like Viola and Hickey have used this model to generate greater transparency.

Problem Number 2: Matchmaking

Let us be honest— online matchmaking is more uncertain than anything else in the world. Most of the times the matches fail because even after a lot of effort by online matchmaking platforms, matchmaking turns out to be a mere play of chance. And many, many times, this play of chance results in nothing.

Enter Blockchain—

The best example would be that of the blockchain-based dating platform Ponder which allows users to participate solely as matchmakers. This way, a third party can match the others who have chosen that role for themselves. Another application that uses a similar model is Matchpool. Both these platforms provide the users incentives for assisting the matchmaking process.

This way, the entire process of online matchmaking would become less automatic and consequently, more trustworthy.

Problem Number 3: Security

So we all share our private information with dating platforms believing them to be in safe hands, right? But is it so?

Dating applications have quite a history of being hacked. For instance, Tinder’s privacy policy reads: “you should not expect that your personal information, chats, or other communications will always remain secure.” And indeed, it has not always remained secure.

In 2015, the platform Ashley Madison was hacked and as a result, private data of about 37 million people were stolen and jeopardized. And this does not end here. From Coffee Meets Bagel to OkCupid, websites have had nasty data breaches. Isn’t this enough to convince us that we are all exposed on dating platforms?

Enter Blockchain—

The very fact that it is next to impossible to break through a blockchain’s encryption system, makes it tailored for a dating app where people want their privacy most. It could not only reduce the chances of a data breach but could nearly annihilate them.

Several dating platforms, other than the examples already listed above, have been rendered more secure by the blockchain.

Expanse: Be Cupid Yourself

There is no denying that dating applications have achieved great success and have also done the world a lot of good by making people fall in love. However, the flaws these platforms have cannot be ignored as well. It must be admitted that there is a lot of room for improvement. And conclusions could be drawn from whatever that has been said before that blockchain is the aid the dating industry needs.

Expanse allows you to build dApps that serve a practical purpose. Based on Ethereum, but better, it provides high security and scalability. All you need to add is a pinch of imagination and an innovative idea that has the power to transform the whole world.

And it has been rightly said, what could transform the world more than love? 

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