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ISIS Using a Blockchain-Based Messaging Application


ISIS Using a Blockchain-Based Messaging Application

The world’s most infamous terrorist organization, ISIS, has now discovered blockchain as a platform to spread their videos and messages worldwide. As per a report published on 13 December, the terrorist organization is testing a blockchain-based messaging application that could provide them the means for successful communication and transfer of cryptocurrency globally. The application, called, BCM, is the perfect platform for the group due to its anonymity and data encryption features.

What is BCM?

BCM, short for, Because Communication Matters, is a highly secure communication network. Data on BCM is encrypted with the assurance that no third party could access and decipher the content. BCM sets itself apart from other communication applications like Telegram and WhatsApp in a number of ways.

Where Telegram requires its users to provide a phone number for account registration, BCM requires no such thing. Users can create an account without the need of registering their mobile numbers. The application also towers with its “supergroup” feature. Unlike WhatsApp and Telegram with its limited number of group members, BCM’s supergroup is large enough to accommodate 100,000 people. This could be the most defining aspect of the application for the organization as it could send out messages and reach out to groups of people instantly.

BCM’s built-in cryptocurrency wallet feature could also help fund the terrorist organization, the feature would enable members of the group to send and receive cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. 

What’s Next? 

According to experts, members of the terrorist organization have already begun testing the application. There have been more than a dozen groups set up on the application with over 100 followers. ISIS attacks in Africa are already being posted and shared by certain networks on the application. As of now, the application remains in the experiment stage but if unmonitored, it could be seen explode into something dangerous. 

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