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Khan Academy’s CEO Asks for Donation After Platform Surge Due to COVID-19


Khan Academy’s CEO Asks for Donation After Platform Surge Due to COVID-19

The year 2020 has been full of unpleasant surprises until now and the biggest of these has been the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The people have quarantined themselves inside their houses and online libraries, social media platforms, and online gaming have generally seen a surge. The same is the case with the educational platform Khan Academy, which has seen a 250% surge in users due to the pandemic.

The platform’s CEO, Sal Khan has requested users of Khan Academy to donate either in fiat or in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) through their Brave browsers.

Closure of Educational Institutions Soaring

According to a report by UNESCO, the number of children, youth and adults not attending schools or universities because of COVID-19 is soaring. Amidst such a lockdown, platforms like Khan Academy are a source of hope.

Mr. Khan reached out to billions of students who are unable to attend classes and said that the budget of their academy was that of a ‘large high-school’. In the present circumstances, when they were reaching out to a ‘reasonable chunk of humanity’, people needed them more than ever.

Since Khan Academy is a Brave Browser/ BAT Publisher, they accepted donations from Brave browser’s users.

Need for Support from the Crypto Community

A pandemic attacks the health of a population and in turn, also damages the working of their social organization. In the present time, the internet and platforms like Khan Academy have aided in keeping this intact and comparably much better off than older times. Several instances of the crypto community reaching out to those affected by the pandemic have been noted and it is once again time for it to help a platform that has been spreading positive awareness about blockchain technology for quite some time now.

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