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Malaysia Introduces Work Visa Project for Technology Freelancers


Malaysia Introduces Work Visa Project for Technology Freelancers

According to a report published in a local Malaysian news outlet on 18 June, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), has launched a work visa program for tech freelancers to work in Malaysia over a period of time in order to meet the demand for talent in the blockchain sphere.

‘Encouraging Foreign Talent’

Norhizam Abdul Kadir, who is the vice president of MDEC growth ecosystem development, declared that the proposal papers for the program have been submitted before the Immigration Department and the Home Ministry for the Digital Freelancer Programme which aims at ‘encouraging foreign talents’ to work in the country.

Together with NEM Foundation, a blockchain based organization and Jobbatical, an Estonian cross-border job marketplace, MDEC plans to receive new blockchain talents in the country. While NEM is concerned with defining the talents required, Jobbatical will be responsible for supplying them. MDEC, in its turn, would look after the entire process.

In a press conference at Malaysia Tech Week 2019, Norhizam remarked that they would initiate the program with blockchain related jobs. “The number of Visas to be issued depends on the projects that will be run by blockchain companies in Malaysia,” he further added.

‘Upskilling Local Staff’

NEM Foundation’s CEO, Jasmine Ng, commented that such a step would not only help in encouraging tech tourism but on the other hand also ‘upskill the local staff’ who shall be working in close cooperation with these foreign talents.

This program shall be the first one to be proposed by the Malaysia Innovation Policy Council (MIPC), which was introduced earlier this year for the promotion of the tech industry, at its assemblage on Monday, the report says.

Earlier this year, WISeKey, a data security, and internet of things company, launched its Global Blockchain Center in Malaysia, together with Censof.

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