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MasterCard Hiring for a Crypto Wallet Product Development?


MasterCard Hiring for a Crypto Wallet Product Development?

MasterCard, which is one of the most prominent names in the field of payment gateway services in the world, has released a new listing for hiring. Based on the nature of the job profiles listed by the company, they seem to be developing a new crypto wallet product. 

According to the job listing released on 2 August, the company is hiring individuals suited for the roles of “Director, Product Management- Cryptocurrency or wallets, Director, Product Development and Innovation- Blockchain Solutions Architect, Vice President, Product Management- Blockchain or Crypto”. 

Is MasterCard Planning to Enter the Crypto Wallet Market?

The company has for quite some time shown its interest in joining the cryptocurrency sector. In fact, in 2017, the company had enabled a blockchain-based payment system. It was the second fortune 500 company to do so after IBM. With the move, it had provided the service of allowing transactions over blockchains for different banks which are part of its huge network. 

Although the listing does not reveal the exact extent and the nature of the product on which these new employees will be working, it is a clear indication of the company’s aim to enter the crypto wallet market. 

In fact, the company is known to be a part of the Libra association. It is a consortium of companies which are contributing to the development of the Libra blockchain. Therefore, it is not unlikely for MasterCard to make its entry into the crypto wallet market like Facebook has decided to do.

Other Efforts by MasterCard in this Sphere So Far

MasterCard is definitely trying to boost up its research in the crypto-sphere through such hiring. Moreover, it is only natural that recently MasterCard featured in various news reports which claimed it to be the company with the third-highest number of blockchain-related patents.

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