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Microsoft Azure Announces Azure Blockchain Tokens and Data Manager


Microsoft Azure Announces Azure Blockchain Tokens and Data Manager

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s blockchain-based cloud service, announced the preview launch of Azure Blockchain Tokens in a blog post on 6 December. Azure Blockchain Tokens would provide a series of pre-built templates users could choose from. Customers would now be able to easily create and manage their physical and digital assets. 

Blockchain Data Manager with Azure Blockchain Service 

In addition to the token, Azure Blockchain services are also previewing the launch of the blockchain data manager. Blockchain data manager is a new feature of Azure’s service that would store blockchain ledger data and then transform and deliver by the process of decoding the encrypted data to various off-chain database centers like Azure Cosmos DB or AzureSQL Database. The blockchain data manager would be accessible by both public and private transaction data easing up the task of data integration on the blockchain network.

This announcement comes following the company’s recent “Azure Heroes” initiative which aims at rewarding users in the Azure network. The rewards would be distributed for activities like coaching, demo creation, building codes and blogging about Azure. The tokens are created in collaboration with Enjin, a gaming startup company. To be a receiver of the token, one has to be nominated first and on further evaluation and judgment, the token would be distributed. 

Azure Blockchain Development Kit

Microsoft recently unveiled a tool kit, the Azure Blockchain Development Kit, that would function as an extension of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s source code editor. The Development Kit would make it possible to run Ethereum backed application on the Azure Blockchain Service as well as the Ethereum network. The extension can be integrated into other Azure services including Azure Flow, Logic Apps or storage services like SQL Server or Cosmos DB. The extension is freely available on Github and can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

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