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Microsoft Curates Azure Toolkit for Ethereum-Based App Development


Microsoft Curates Azure Toolkit for Ethereum-Based App Development

American tech behemoth Microsoft has announced the launch of a tool kit dubbed Azure Blockchain Development Kit that would serve as an extension of the company’s source code editor Visual Studio Code and would allow app developers to build and run ethereum powered apps on both the Azure Blockchain Service from Microsoft and the ethereum blockchain.

What Does the Extension do?

The extension is available on Github as an open source and would also help developers to make use of popular community blockchain-based tools, like Truffle and Solidity. Explaining the development further on GitHub, Microsoft noted:

“Azure Blockchain service is a managed Ethereum service that you can deploy and interact with Solidity contracts as well as integrate into other Azure based services such as Azure Flow, Logic Apps or storage services like SQL Server or Cosmos DB.”

Moreover, this is the first official tool kit from Microsoft that the company hopes would highlight its interest in and support of blockchain based distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).


The tool kit can easily be used on Windows and MacOS powered devices. However, perhaps the most unique aspect of the extension is that it can be used on Azure within a Virtual Machine as well.

Microsoft and Blockchain

Microsoft’s continued support for the blockchain tech and its efforts to build innovative solutions using the technology has attracted many businesses to collaborate with it. Most recently, popular coffeehouse Starbucks decided to track its supply chain using Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) Azure Blockchain to gain a comprehensive overview of its coffee supply network.

Similarly, last year, Nasdaq also collaborated with Azure to lend speed to the transactions of its financial services. One of the recently launched innovative solutions Microsoft has curated is Azure Blockchain Workbench, which was released last year, and is a pioneering app that organizes the entire process of blockchain app development by readily offering existing infrastructure.

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