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NASA Looking for Crypto and Blockchain Data Scientists


NASA Looking for Crypto and Blockchain Data Scientists

Crypto and blockchain technology is establishing itself as one of the most sought out technological innovations of the modern age. The most recent affirmation to the above analysis is a recent LinkedIn job posting announcement by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which has listed a vacancy on the website for its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.  

Breakdown of the Listing

The laboratory concerns itself with planetary robotic spacecraft construction and operation also controlling Earth orbit missions. The posting lists a requisite of desired qualifications also including expertise and knowledge in one or more related fields in machine learning, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), statistics, analytics, and cloud computing. The listing also included expertise and knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Candidates with crypto and blockchain expertise would gain a preferential plus. 

NASA and Blockchain

This isn’t the first foray into blockchain for the independent space agency of the federal government of the USA. In January 2019, the agency set a proposal for blockchain-backed air traffic management, named the Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm (RNCP) to establish a highly secure, private and anonymous communication network with air trafficking services. The engineering module would be handed over to the Hyperledger Fabric with promises of immediate deployment of economically managed infrastructure.

In 2017, the space agency awarded a grant for the development and production of an autonomous spacecraft that would operate using blockchain technology without the need for human intervention to make decisions. The grant, a sum of $330,000 was the space agency’s first move into blockchain adoption. The system would function by exploiting smart contracts for constructing a spacecraft that could automatically detect and block any space issue.  Interest from such prestigious institutions helps propel the values that are at the crux of the blockchain phenomenon- privacy, security, and decentralization, all of which paint the picture of a better world.

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