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New Report Confirms Stereotypes about the Crypto Sector


New Report Confirms Stereotypes about the Crypto Sector

According to a report published by the International Fintech Company, Bitpanda, and market research company, GlobalWebIndex, the crypto community seems to have a skewed gender ratio. However, the report confirms that the crypto community is not all men. The report deals specifically with the profiles of European crypto investors.

The data sets for this report were collected through regionally clustered sampling, and the numbers are presented for both the countries and the aggregate for the European region. The report had dealt with a wider set of data points of which this one seems to come as both discomforting and reassuring at the same time.

Male Dominance

The perception of the male-dominated crypto industry is not new or unfounded. However, the fact that about 22% of all European cryptocurrency holders are female, also contradicts the myth of only male interest in the sphere. It is also remarkable that the female crypto owners are 30% more likely to be a part of the top 10% earning category than their male counterparts.

This can be owing to the fact that women cryptocurrency owners have more divergent profiles than their male counterparts compared to the average populations in their respective gender groups in the countries. Of the females, 45% had a university degree, and they were more likely to be associated with professions like finance which gives them an edge in the sector.

The Age Factor

This report has gone on to confirm other previous research on crypto investors’ age profiles. A survey report by Bankrate had stated that the average millennial was three times more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies than the older demographic. According to the Bitpanda report, 33% of the crypto investors lie in the 25-30 year age group. Countries with a younger and more affluent demographic like Switzerland have some of the highest concentration of cryptocurrency holders in Europe.

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