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New York Times is Planning to Use Hyperledger to Combat Fake News


New York Times is Planning to Use Hyperledger to Combat Fake News

Major news reporting service, the New York Times will reportedly be using the Hyperledger Fabric to prevent fake news. The Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain which will be used to track the origin of certain files which are published in the media. This was announced through the official website of the Provenance project of the New York Times. The project aims to fight misinformation at various scales but its main focus will be on digital media which is published and circulated at different levels by various news organizations.

Use of Blockchain

The project aims to use blockchain technology to get access to metadata on videos and images which will be analyzed over the platform. The platform will be used for both the recording and sharing of data. The first proof-of-concept is being created around photo journalistic materials. However, the project is aiming to emerge as a scalable solution and will be capable of aggregating the metadata about all kinds of publications and information over the media.

The company is also conducting user experience research. The team is using the data to identify the kinds of signs which can help users to identify the authenticity of a data. It aims to engage different publishers to use blockchain technology and its properties of immutability and decentralized trust mechanisms to increase the faith of consumers in the news materials they access.

The Need for Participation

The project requires the involvement of a large group of collaborators. For the success of the project, the New York Times’ research and development team recognizes that the involvement of the major portion of the media ecosystem in this project will be crucial. The data generated from the research on the users will be available on the website periodically. Moreover, the media community, in general, will be able to benefit from the repository of metadata that can be created over the blockchain.

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