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Now Blockchain to Be on the Field to Combat Coronavirus


Now Blockchain to Be on the Field to Combat Coronavirus

In recent developments, a Madrid based team has built a blockchain-based solution, called AidSquad, to combat coronavirus. It is claimed to be the world’s first decentralized Global Pandemic Information Platform.

Iota Tangle

The platform, which stores all its data on IOTA tangle, is built by GeoDB which is a peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem. The idea behind AidSquad, as put in the words of GeoDB founder and CEO, Luis Gelado, is to ‘give something back to the society’.

The users feed their Personal Health Records (PHR), like age, gender, body temperature and other symptoms associated with COVID-19. The approximate location of the user is also shared. All of this information is stored anonymously in IOTA tangle. This data can be used to create heat maps which could help detect how fast the virus is spreading and which are the areas worst affected.

The app also has a reward-basis and it thus encourages users to share data with ‘karma-points’ and AidSquad tokens.

Presently, the app is only available as an Android Package Kit (apk). Gelado revealed that a lot of developers were taking advantage of the situation and inundating Google Play and Apple Store with applications. As a consequence, both stores have temporarily barred all COVID-19 based apps. However, he hopes that his app will soon be accepted.

‘People are Angry With Politicians’

Gelado also said that people are angry with the government for not doing its job properly. He hinted that the politicians were hiding facts from the public. Even when the government provides tools to combat the virus, a lot of information is required, and this could be a potential threat to the privacy of the users. This is why the platform aims at sharing information with the public without violating their privacy.

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