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Number of Bitcoin ATMs Crosses 6,000 Worldwide


Number of Bitcoin ATMs Crosses 6,000 Worldwide

The total number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs installed and working around the world has crossed the 6,000 mark. According to a report, there are, at present, 6,004 BTC ATM machines installed around the globe, a huge chunk of which (65%) located in the U.S. alone.

The United States Become the Bitcoin ATM Giant

It has also been recorded by the CoinATMRadar website that at least 108 ATM machines have been set out to work this month, the average number of ATMs deployed each month being 11. The number is highest this year, meaning that BTC ATMs have witnessed a widespread demand in 2019.

Looking at the picture globally, three-quarters of the total number of ATMs are deployed in North America. Europe comes second in line with 20% of the total BTC ATMs. Asia has the smallest number of these machines, accounting for only 2% of their total number.

Indication of the Growth of Crypto

These numbers are an indication in themselves of the growth of the crypto industry. Bitcoin ATMs (also called BTMs) enable Bitcoin users to buy Bitcoins. About 35% of these BTMs also allow them to sell their cryptocurrencies for ready cash. Therefore, a higher number of BTC ATMs only imply a higher demand for them, which in turn is a clear marker of the development and acceptance of the crypto market.

Since June this year, the total number of ATMs worldwide has increased by a margin of a thousand.

Crypto Becoming Everyday

Apart from the agreeable statistics regarding BTMs, the fact that grocery store chains like American Safeway Stores have also endorsed BTC is also an indication of its growing acceptance among the common masses. These are the signs of time, not far away when cryptocurrencies would be the new money.

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