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Scam Alert: Two European Companies Scamming With Crypto Schemes


Scam Alert: Two European Companies Scamming With Crypto Schemes

A resident of Manitoba has recently been defrauded by two European companies, Jbcapitals and Halifax Associates located in Switzerland and Denmark, respectively. The companies have, reportedly, defrauded the Manitoban of more than $5,500. The origin of this fraudulent activity is Facebook where the netizen was lured by an advertisement. 

Target Audience of the Scammers 

The Manitoban who was defrauded of a heavy amount was victimized via Facebook. Jason Roy, Manitoba investigator warns the public against the red flag which hints fraud and not to fall for any offers or schemes. 

Steps Taken by MSC

The Manitoba Securities Commission has decided to issue a public warning against the two European companies involved in the fraud. The cops of Manitoba also play a significant role in protecting the people of Manitoba from being victimized and had taken an initiative of spreading awareness about the prevailing scams, especially regarding Bitcoin.

The Winnipeg police service had published an article through Winnipeg free press. The article accounts for some cases of scams in the past and the ways in which the process of illegal soliciting of money is carried out by fraudsters.

The first bait thrown by all fraudsters is the creation of amazing offers which the victims easily are trapped into. Along with the accounting of how frauds are carried out usually, the article lists certain precautions which if taken can keep scams at bay. 

In the recent past, 2019 to be precise, innocent Canadians were defrauded of $7.5 million. This fraudulent affair was also executed in a similar fashion by luring the netizens into romantic liaisons with advertisements and job opportunities. Reports have it that other scams are known to have taken place in France, Belgium and many such other nations.

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