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Stablecoins Would Pave the Way to Decentralized Assets, Says CEO of GIVE Nation


Stablecoins Would Pave the Way to Decentralized Assets, Says CEO of GIVE Nation

In a conference with the attendees of Virtual Blockchain Week, Alyze Sam, CEO of GIVE Nation, said that stablecoins would help companies like Facebook and JPMorgan to decentralize their assets.

“The Freedom We all Want to Experience”

Speaking from her home during the online session, the co-author of a highly praised guide for stablecoins said that presently they do not have that level of decentralization which could allow the freedom everybody wanted to experience. But stablecoins offer the benefits of a cryptocurrency including cryptographic security. In addition to that, they have the ability to transfer assets with digital transactions which are speedy and highly secure.

She further stressed that as bigger companies would begin adopting stablecoins, their acceptance worldwide would increase. She also said that it would be a way to “teach them what exists within a decentralized economy.”

Not the First Time Stablecoins are Endorsed

Sam’s statement comes at a time of a looming financial crisis when it is expected that the future is going to be led by crypto. But this is not the first time stablecoins have been praised for their potential.

Last year in October, the American entrepreneur JohnMcAfee tweeted how important stablecoins are for decentralized exchanges. In December, the Central Bank of Russia was reported to explore the potential of stablecoins which have their values pegged to real life assets. The head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, had said that stablecoins could be used to avoid various volatilities the crypto market usually faces.

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