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Stronghands Only the strong survive.


Stronghands Only the strong survive.

While browsing bitcointalk I stumbled onto Stronghands. A coin made by a developer that goes by the appropriately named “Jackson Briggs” (jax from mortal kombat for the uninitiated). The opening sentence of the OP goes on to identify an “ailment” that the entire cryptocurrency community seems to suffer from and how Stronghands incentives holding SHND’s for the crypto equivalent of a lifetime. A whole 30 days. GASP. I know a whole 30 days. Records might be broken. After the 30 day mark, people earn their strong hands and are rewarded handsomely with a 100% return on their investment. Seems almost to good to be true, but so does someone holding any coin in crypto for 30 days. It might be hard for SHNDS to compete with the legendary TEKcoin but where TEKcoins inflation control can sometimes add a level of complexity, SHND’s uses the ever popular Sprouts coin algo.

So how do I feel about this coin? It’s a hilarious slap in the face to all the “weakhanders” in crypto. Its part satire, part truth, and mostly alot of fun. I mined a few blocks with my spare BE’s, because why not?

Coin Stats
name – StrongHands
PoW Algo – Sha256D
PoS – min stake age – 30 days
PoS – Reward 100%
Blocktime – 2.5 mins
port – 6901
rpc – 6902

github –
website –


Windows wallet:!nZI1xahb!GQsAUKgw_uwW3clA0f7IWBUR8ikYX7wscCEQSFcUqP4


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