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Testing Air Pollution on the Blockchain – World’s First Air Quality Ledger Being Developed


Testing Air Pollution on the Blockchain – World’s First Air Quality Ledger Being Developed

Air pollution is one of the burning problems of the day. Countries and governments have so far failed to tackle the issue. Furthermore, a lack of data regarding the global climate creates obstacles in the estimation of how knee-deep we are already in trouble. In order to fill this gap in our knowledge, an international partnership is testing the first of its kind air quality ledger.

Present Air Monitoring Techniques Not Enough

The partnership has been forged between PlanetWatch and the research firm Algoraland’s blockchain. Their installations are currently functioning in many Italian cities including those that are fixed and those that are mobile (like the ones attached to buses et cetera). They are also carrying out a long term installation test in the Arctic.

PlanetWatch explained the motive behind the partnership, citing the current state of air monitoring techniques not enough for the world we are living in today. The announcement post also talks about the danger pollution poses to the earth— from diseases like infant mortality, asthma, neurodevelopmental disorders, and childhood cancers to further future damages. It says that the situation demands a robust air monitoring system, compared to which the existing systems are ‘broken’.

The Solution

PlanetWatch plans to develop a global network of air quality sensors. It also plans to build a network of ‘environmentally-conscious’ people who have been termed ‘PlanetWatchers’. Their job would be to install air quality sensors outside homes and on themselves while traveling. More sensors would be installed by PlanetWatch in partnerships with local authorities, transport and telecommunications companies and other corporate bodies.

The air quality data thus collected would be written on the Algoraland blockchain. The initiative aims to create ‘the first global, open, immutable $225 historical air quality repository’.

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