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The South Korean Government Grants $16 Million for Training Digital Finance Experts

By Government of South Korea - Financial Services Commission website


The South Korean Government Grants $16 Million for Training Digital Finance Experts

The Korean Financial Service Commission, together with the Seoul government, has announced a huge grant of $16 million for the training of digital finance experts for a period of four years. The announcement was made on 12 February 2020 and the time to apply for the grant is from 4 to 6 March 2020.

More Details About the Plan

The Financial Service Commission emphasized that there was an ever-increasing demand for specialists in the digital finance sector. And this program is aimed to meet this demand by creating educational opportunities for the coming generation of technology geniuses.

The program is set to begin in the latter half of 2020 and it is to continue until the year 2023. It would be conducted in the financial center at Seoul, in district Yeouido. The eligibility of the program requires people who work at a financial firm or who have opened their own Fintech companies or those who are interested in the sector generally for employment.

The applicants have been given a choice between degree and non-degree curriculums. The degree program would recruit 80 students per year for the Master’s degree program. While it would recruit 160 students per year for the non-degree program. The latter is conditional to certain financial support. The course includes advanced theories and a deep study of fields related to digital finance including cloud, big data, and the blockchain.

South Korea’s Bid to Introduce Blockchain in Educational Institutions

South Korea has been actively involved in creating awareness about digital finance and particularly blockchain. Even before the announcement of the grant this year, two reputed South Korean universities had planned to develop a blockchain campus by launching cryptocurrencies that could be used within the campus premises. 

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