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Trump Unhappy with the Senatorial Appointment of Bakkt CEO


Trump Unhappy with the Senatorial Appointment of Bakkt CEO

Kelly Loeffler, currently the CEO of BTC futures platform Bakkt is about to be appointed as the financial executive for the U.S. Senate by Brian Porter Kemp, the 83rd governor of Georgia since 2019. America’s President Donald Trump, however, is not happy with the development. 

Governor Brian Kemp aims to be in correspondence with Georgia’s GOP appeal with the appointment. By getting appointed, Loeffler would be second in the list of women in the political domain in America who would serve the United States from Georgia. In all likelihoods, Kelly would also finance the GOP activities which are predicted to break records. 

The current occupant of the seat is Johnny Isakson who is sure to vacate it by the end of the current year.

Trump Opposing Loeffler or Her Agendas?

Kelly Loeffler, promises to put an end to corrupt practices which are inclusive of human trafficking and the prevalence of racism. Moreover, she hopes to manifest her accountability towards society by pulling down healthcare costs and taking care of the national interests as well. She affirms:

“If chosen, I will stand with President Trump, Senator David Perdue, and you to keep America Great.”

However, things are not so even as they seem. Trump is not happy with the selection of Loeffler as it has been reported. Trump is insisting on Doug Collins, the ranking Republican on the judiciary committee. One of the speculated reasons for not being in compliance with the appointment of Loeffler is that Trump, for the most part, has been quite averse to crypto of which Loeffler is an advocate. Kemp and Loeffler’s secretive trip to gain the support of the American President also turned out to be futile last week.  

Parallel to these affairs, Bakkt has already set up a record for surpassing $42.5M BTC futures contracts on 28 November highlighting the world’s interest in Bitcoin. 

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