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US Congressman Introduces Bill to Use Blockchain for Combating Coronavirus


US Congressman Introduces Bill to Use Blockchain for Combating Coronavirus

Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts has introduced a bill on April 23 which proposes the use of blockchain for monitoring strategic national stockpile (SNS).

The proposed bill seeks to make the distribution of important medical equipment like personal protection equipment and ventilators more transparent during the present times of healthcare crisis around the world.

‘Getting Better Prepared’

According to the bill, which is titled “Strategic National Stockpile [SNS] Enhancement and Transparency Act” (H.R. 6607), the National Emergency Biodefense Network— an ecosystem which regulates the supply of different kind of medical and health related goods— shall be“developed and implemented using a private blockchain.” Lynch proposed a budget of $25 million through the fiscal year 2022 to carry out the given course in the bill.

The congressman gave a statement on April 29th in which he explained that since healthcare providers have been forced to work without enough equipment and supplies, a private blockchain would be able to verify the capacity of the country’s biodefense in real time and this would further allow a beforehand preparation against such a healthcare crisis.

The Efficiency of a Technology in Battling a Healthcare Crisis

As recently reported, the largest healthcare group in New York City joined IBM’s new blockchain network— Rapid Supplier Connect— for COVID-19 relief provision supplies. This served another major indication to regulators around the world that blockchain technology can be used to balance the fragile healthcare systems around the world. At the same time, it’s great potentials are also being explored in other sectors which the ongoing pandemic has rendered still. This includes fields which range from business to education, thereby proving the oft-repeated virtues of a blockchain adoption by various sectors and industries. It is high time for the world to pay heed to these benefits.

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