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US Department of Defense is Considering the Use of Blockchain


US Department of Defense is Considering the Use of Blockchain

The United States’ Department of Defense released an official document enunciating the road map of the department for the next five years. The document gives an idea about the department’s digital modernization strategy.

The priorities of the department have been mentioned to be Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Communication, and Cybersecurity. The document is titled, “DoD Digital Modernization Strategy: DoD Information Management Strategic Plan FY19-23”. As per this document the Department wants to use blockchain technology for its cybersecurity and safe communications management needs.

Growing Trust in Blockchain

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on two projects using blockchain for achieving these goals. The first project deals with the construction of a platform for both communications and transactions between headquarters, field units, intelligence officers and the Pentagon.

The second project is aimed at creating an “unhackable code.” The blockchain will help them gather data on bad actors who will attempt to hack into the systems of the subsidiaries of the department.

Apart from efficiency and competitive advantage, the document mentions the nurturing of talent and generation of a digital workforce as one of its goals.

Blockchain-based Initiatives Already Making Waves

Moreover, in line with this goal, the Department had previously announced to host a two-day workshop on blockchain-based technologies. The organization had shown keenness in using permissionless consensus protocols for furthering its aims. They had examined several valuable use cases for storage of data in this workshop.

The Department of Defense has also examined the use of blockchain technology for disaster response systems in emergency situations. The presentation was hosted by the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support’s Continuous Process improvement in December of the previous. All these attempts are not only innovative in terms of their use of blockchain technology, but it also is a recognition of the safe nature of it. When a government department attempts to use it to transmit really sensitive information the recognition becomes explicit.

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