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US State of Virginia Studies Blockchain for Elections


US State of Virginia Studies Blockchain for Elections

Blockchain gathers more power as in the United States, the state legislature of Virginia decides to study blockchain for the contribution it can make in improving elections and voting. 

On 27 December 2019, a bill was pre-filed and is scheduled for offering again on 8 January, this year before Virginia’s General Assembly. The bill, which is titled House Joint Resolution 23, seeks to make a study of the blockchain-based election system to see if the blockchain technology can be used for securing voter records and election results. 

A Win for Blockchain

The bill proves again that apart from economic innovation, blockchain promises a number of other use cases, whose range varies from female empowerment to the elimination of world hunger. 

Hala Ayala (D-51), a cybersecurity specialist and state delegate, is the patron of the bill. The bill is still in the introductory phase and it needs a long way to go before it is turned into a law. However, if it happens, the impact would be enormous given that Virginia has about eight million voters. It would naturally entail blockchain reaching out to more and more lives. 

The bill would be examined in its feasibility, that is if the cost and benefit ratio it promises is better than what traditional methods of voting has to offer. The department would also be responsible for making recommendations as to how the technology is to be adopted. 

Not the First Time

This would not be the first time when blockchain would be used for election purposes. Most recently, the company Oil & Gas Blockchain Consortium (OOC) presented a collaboration with GuildOne for testing the oil sector’s first blockchain application for Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) balloting. In the US itself, states like Denver, Colorado and Utah County have successfully conducted mobile voting.

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