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Virus Often Used by Russian Hackers Found in Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck


Virus Often Used by Russian Hackers Found in Hacked Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

According to news shared by a Japanese media agency, almost all the computers belonging to the reportedly hacked Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck, have been festered by a virus having links to an active Russian hacker group.

Previous Hacking Events Concerning Coincheck

Owing to previous reports, we are also aware of the fact that Coincheck suffered a record-shattering loss of $534 million earlier.

However, as per sources, the latest investigation has raised significant doubts on prior facts which claimed that the hacking activities were tied to North Korea. Contemplations regarding the epicenter of the crime are taking place in full swing, with even experts broadening the possibility of the crime being committed by an unknown group.

Viruses Found

As per the renewed investigation, viruses named “Mokes” and “Netwire” have been identified in the employees’ personal computers. The investigating team speculates that the virus may have entered the systems via emails that granted access to the exchange’s private codes and also enabled hackers to operate the systems remotely.

Latest Facts

Russia has been brought into scrutiny since Russian hackers have allegedly implemented both the discovered viruses in the past. A United States expert told the media agency:

“From the analysis of the virus, Eastern Europe and Russia may be related to the server criminal group of the base.”

News of cybercrime in the cryptoverse is no shock to us nowadays. Similar reports have crept up in the recent past which included a considerable withdrawal of 7000 Bitcoins from the wallets of Binance, another crypto exchange. In fact, the first crypto exchange to fall prey to such malicious activities in 2019 was Cryptopia that lost somewhere between $3-$16 million dollars. We hope these increasing crimes take a major setback with the implementation of significant measures and efficient investigations.

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