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Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain Backed Drone System


Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain Backed Drone System

Retail giant Walmart is in the news for submitting a patent application for a blockchain-backed drone system. The patent was filed recently with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The sought drone system would be fully equipped to encrypt and store the operational parameters of the system. The stored data would be then passed onto a different drone which would be responsible for decrypting the data. After this, the decrypted data will be analyzed and passed onto other parameters.

Overall, the auto drones would be responsible for transmitting messages, align communication of various networks together and pass on location services of various devices.

Walmart and Blockchain

The news of a blockchain-backed drone patent isn’t surprising to many. The company has been engaging itself to patent blockchain-backed drones for the last two years. In May 2017, the retail giant filed a patent with the USPTO for the following service, “Unmanned Aerial Delivery to Secure Location.”

The company also recently collaborated with International Business Machine (IBM) and the American Food and Drug Administration for the tracking of pharmaceutical products using blockchain technology. Walmart also plans on venturing into the world of cryptocurrency with a patent history of its own blockchain-backed cryptocurrency.

However, it seems as if Walmart isn’t the only company eyeing to cement itself in the digital sphere, as IBM has also submitted an application for a patent with the USPTO for a similar blockchain-backed drone system. IBM’s system would work along the same principles as the one issued by Walmart. Information would be stored and transmitted using blockchain technology. The patent application also mentioned the use of validator nodes for special services like deciding if a drone would be allowed to operate in a flight prone area or not. With increasing trust over blockchain-based services and products, innovation is at an all-time high with the sky no longer being the limit.

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