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Why Bitcoin Wallets Struggle to be User-Friendly?


Why Bitcoin Wallets Struggle to be User-Friendly?

Cryptocurrency owners often store their assets in specific wallets that are secured by private and public keys. These wallets carry addresses by which they are identified by their users. However, Bitcoin wallets have been fraught with various issues for quite some time now, which is precisely what disturbed José Femenías Cañuelo, the Spanish developer behind Easypaysy.

According to him, wallet addresses are nothing but random alphabets and numbers placed side-by-side. Their randomness makes it difficult for users to remember them giving rise to multiple issues, and we cannot agree more. Hence, Cañuelo put himself in the shoes of the user to design a solution to wipe out complexities.  

The Solution Designed by Canuelo 

Given his agitation with the traditional forms of addresses, Cañuelo has now advocated reformation of the wallet. He opines:

“Bitcoin addresses are really not meant for humans. Nobody should be forced to make or receive payments to a crypto-address, much as nobody expects you to navigate the world wide web just by using IP addresses.”

The new wallet designed by Cañuelo, consists of a two-layered protocol, the design of which aims to empower the users. Since it was quite a hassle to exchange different addresses during each payment in traditional wallets, the new wallet has addresses that are way easier to remember.

Facilitating the Ease of the User 

Easypaysy facilitates the formation of non-custodial accounts on the block-chain directly. Cañuelo promises the wallet to be user-friendly with easy to identify addresses that are not put to use more than once. 

Easypaysy has attracted support from various crypto enthusiasts, like Jimmy Song. However, the wallet’s security is yet to convince users who are more inclined towards security than familiarity owing to multiple cases of security impeachment in the crypto-world. Interestingly, wallets like these can help smooth out crypto transactions worldwide and facilitate mass crypto adoption effectively tackling the complex technicality of the process. 

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