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Youth Convicted for Hacking Personal Data in Exchange for Bitcoin


Youth Convicted for Hacking Personal Data in Exchange for Bitcoin

As the world is advancing with unprecedented innovations like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, threats to technology are getting creative by the minute with crooks demanding ransom in ‘new-age currencies.’ A press release from the police department of Mounteney Close in Norwich has revealed the conviction of a 19-year-old youth, Elliot Gunton who served as a ‘hacker for hire’ and sold people’s personal information in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Details of the Press Release

The police statement posted on 16 August also gave out the details of Gunton’s conviction who was nabbed by the police in April last year. The Norwich Crown Court has given a jail term of 20 months, a penalty of $485,000, and a Community Behaviour Order for three and a half years which restricts Gunton’s access to the internet to be served in answer for his cybercrimes.

Accidental Discovery

Interestingly, Gunton’s illicit profession came to light due to his long history with the law. He had a Sexual Harm Prevention Order on his head since 2016, following which the police had come to his house for a routine check. During the visit, the police found a suspicious software on Gunton’s laptop which was later revealed as his partner in crime.

Investigation Details

Further investigations uncovered that Gunton offered to hack people’s data in exchange of $3,000 in Bitcoin (BTC). If the man’s Twitter handle where he proudly states “having lots of money is cool… but having lots of money without people knowing is cooler” is anything to go by, Gunton enjoyed being a hacker. Since personal data attacks give way to other more serious crimes like SIM swapping and money laundering, Gunton’s prosecution was inevitable. Furthermore, law enforcement has managed to recover $334,000 worth of cryptocurrency from him. Charges on Eliot Gunton’s head include hacking, breach of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order and money laundering.

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